Reviews and recommendations


02 of January 2018, Alisdair from Moffat wrote,
"Quick and simple way of sorting ECU issues"


21st of December 2017, Frankie from Carlisle wrote,
"Good job on 2 of my vans vast Improvement achieved"

19th of December 2017, Timothy from Carlisle wrote, 
"The car is so much better in every way. Thank you Paul. Worth every penny."

27th of November 2017, John from Shap wrote,
"Spot on service cracking bloke well worth the money paid massive power increase 5☆"

23rd of November 2017, Colin from Newcastle wrote,
"the camper has got an extra bit of sparkle after you worked your magic, Thank you Paul"

18th of November 2017, Robert from Castle Douglas wrote,
"Great service and notable gains. Thanks again.well worth it"

8th of November 2017, Matthew from Brampton wrote,
"Got my Audi remapped chuffed with the results. Highly recommended"

5th of November 2017, Mark from Maryport wrote, 
"Had my Citroen ds4 remapped well pleased very noticeable difference.genuine top guy who new his stuff will be recommending him to friends and family and I will be back cheers Paul"

27th of October 2017, Tony from Hawick wrote, 
"I had a remap on my Astra (disastra) 1.9cdti and it totally transformed the car, waiting in hybrid turbo, inter-cooler and exhaust and I'm going back for stage 2..........(Y) do it..... you know you want too"

26th of October 2017, Steven from Dalbeattie wrote,
"Took my L200 in for re-map.Great service.Its like night and day.Engine so responsive.Better pick up,and lots more torque.Flat spots gone on turbo.Thanks so much.Job well done"

20th of October 2017, Richard from Duns wrote, 
"Paul did a great job on my Vivaro. 
More responsive, more torque and basically a nicer van to drive. 
But the thing that's pleased me most is the fuel economy. Thanks"

19th of October 2017, Sean from Windermere wrote,
"Excellent service.
My priority was to improve efficiency, a 10% improvement has been achieved, the extra power is a bonus"

18th of October 2017, Peter from Millom wrote,
"Brilliant like a different car well worth it thanks"

9th of October 2017, Heather from Grasmere wrote,
"Great guy very informative looked after my pride and joy my wee polo Gti. It's a little pocket rocket. Would highly recommend"
29th of September 2017, Adrian from Stanley wrote,
"Extremely friendly experience. Professional service with outstanding results to my cars performance and economy. Will definitely recommend Mr G and would use again without hesitation"
26th of September 2017, Andrew from Maryport wrote,
"Well worth the time and money, couldn't thank Paul enough he has done a excellent job. Before the remap the Clio felt sluggish specially with the low end flat spot but now it feels quicker through the mid and high revs and it's also taken a lot of the flat spot away which is a huge improvement. I also got the pop and bang map added over the top of the performance map and again it's perfect it ain't constantly there it only occurs above 3k and with a very light tap of the throttle each time it's guaranteed to make heads turn. I would highly recommend giving Paul a message to see what he can do for you I'm a very satisfied customer and will be back in the future!"
18th of September 2017, Damien from Carlisle wrote,
"Great service from a guy that is full of knowledge and know how on cars, I have used him twice now in a short space of time 1 for getting a remap & dyno on a car then got another car dyno tested and he has always responded to questions very quickly and without hesitation. I will definitely be recommending to anyone that requires these services. Thank you for your help and I will be returning in the future"
16th of September 2017, Paul from Carlisle wrote,
"had the car remapped today by paul on my seat exeo from 138bhp to 180 to 185 bhp i can tell you it runs alot smoother hardly even need to put to the floor. smooth gear changing to great pricing , i would highly recommend MR G'S to anybody
10 out 10 for everything"
26th of August 2017, Andy from Carlisle wrote,
"The difference to my car was quite dramatic, Somuch more power & torque, made it so much more enjoyable to drive, If your thinking of getting your car done ?. Have no hesitation of going to Mr G's, You wont be disapointed thats for sure."
24th of August 2017, Jasmin from Flimby wrote,
"Went to mr g's at carlisle for a remap on our mini one 1.6 petrol because it was sluggish through the gears and generally didnt have much bite. It was sitting at a standard 90bhp and 103lbs of torque before it was remapped. Now its pushing out 126-130bhp and 121-126lbs of torque which is turn has made our mini just a tad fiestier!! � can honestly say the pick up is 100% quicker, and pulls like a train all the way through to its top end now (which it did eventually anyway after 4000 revs and a bit of stick!) Top quality job paul. Much more responsive. Would recommend anyone to have this done with mr G. Worth every penny"
11th of August 2017, Colin from Morcambe wrote,
"Over the moon with my Mondeo 2.2Tdci ST, already a good car, but now transformed, pulls cleanly in 4th from 25mph, the amount of torque the car has is unbelievable and now pulls all the way past 4000rpm, Just do it is all i can say"
20th of July 2017, Katrina from Carlisle wrote,
"Had my remap today, cant complain at the price and the power increase. It only took just over a hour".
19th of July 2017, JonJo from Kendal wrote,
"Quality guy... goes without saying I highly recommend this company! Different car since the remap and fuel consumption is brilliant from an average of 35mpg now to 47mpg.... what more can I say".
15th of July 2017, Chris from Clackmannanshire wrote,
"Took in my Ford Fiesta 1.6 metal in and I can definitely feel the difference in power. Brilliant service would recommend"
3rd of July 2017, Daniel from Seascale wrote,
"Had my t5 2.5tdi 130 in today for stage 2 remap done and drove away with 220bhp pulls solid and smooth through every gear! awesome service at reasonable price well recommended! Would defiantly take another another vehicle!"
16th of June 2017, Matt from Parsonby wrote,
"A `Stage 1` remap from Mr G`s has transformed my underpowered van. No more waiting for the turbo to kick in and it pulls smoothly though all the gears. Driving to work used to be a chore but its much more fun now. Thanks Paul, i`ll be back to book in my car very soon."
10th of June 2017, Warren from Workington wrote,
"Highly recommended, very happy customer!"
1st of June 2017, Roger from Kirkcudbright wrote,
"Great service and a top man.... also very well priced and what a difference it makes!"
19th of May 2017, Jack from Carlisle wrote,
"Great map great guy would recommend to everyone"
8th of May 2017, Martin from Strathaven wrote,
"Got my chrysler sebring stage 1 remapped. Great service and quick. Would definitely recommend and use again".
7th of May 2017, Stephen from Annan wrote,
"Really pleased with my remap,,Feel differance straight away,,Very reasonably priced aswell".
23rd of April 2017, Iain from Carlisle wrote,
"Had My VW Tiguan remapped for towing our caravan, Both Fuel economy and Performance have increased dramatically in the few days since it was done, If you are sceptical about whether you will see any improvement from the Remap like I was, Don`t be it is worth every penny and the difference is phenominal and Paul Really knows his stuff".
19th of April 2017, Neville from Kendal wrote,
"Top class service...knowledgeable. ..friendly...vast improvement on cars economy and performance. ..recommend"
18th of April 2017, John from Wigton wrote,
"Took my discovery td5 for a re-map and what a difference, I would highly recommend!! Top bloke"
11th of April 2017, Ashley from Carlisle wrote,
"Got my fiesta zetec s remapped and now it has alot better fuel consumption and has a lot of pull with it".
7th of April 2017, Letina from Carlisle wrote,
"Brilliant service! Brought new ford s max in after 2000miles for remap as wanted more efficiency and a boost in power with being a large vehicle.Performance/efficiency is now fantastic! Really happy customers and MR G really knows his stuff!"
28th of March 2017, Jerry from Carlisle wrote,
"Friendly. Good service. Good price. Car so much better now. Highly recommended"
21st of March 2017, Cairn from Dumfries wrote,
"Had my vectra here a few days ago, can honestly say I couldn't believe the change in power coming back up the motorway. From 150bhp to 190bhp it really puts you back into the seat and for such a great price. Would recommend to anyone, you won't be disappointed that's for sure! I will 100% be back after a few modifications"
15th of February 2017, Steven from Carlisle wrote,
"Highly recommended happy with both vans thank you"
3rd of February 2017, Michael from Hawick wrote,
"Had my golf plus at Mr G's for a wee tune up. Was brilliant, top notch service, car feels so much better now!! Will be back with my other car soon"
31st of January 2017, Reece from Moffat wrote,
"Took my car to Paul after having a few lights on etc etc car was sluggish and using too much fuel, went to Paul not knowing what too expect after a remap now that the car feels better than brand new! Couldn't recommend Paul enough for the work he has carried out will definitely use again"
22nd of January 2017, Stephen from Anthorn wrote,
"top bloke ..good job on the range rover would highly recommend"
8th of January 2017, Tony from Annan wrote,
"Highly recommend remap there quick and really good for getting my 1.2 Clio done it's amazing through every gear"


14th of December 2016, Mateusz from Carlisle wrote,
"I remapped my A4 2.0tdi. Difference is incredible. Car drive better than before and use less fuel � I recommend that place to remap car."
2nd of December 2016, Gary from Carlisle wrote,
"Excellent and friendly service, improved my cars driving experience and economy. Impressed with the extra torque and responsiveness the remap released. Thanks Mr G!".
22nd of November 2016, Robert from Dumfries wrote,
"Great service! Very surprised at the gains my transit connect got. Would highly recomend the service."
4th of November 2016, Scott from Carlisle wrote,
"Had my Iveco Daily done by Paul, we have now done our first fully loaded trip towing, never even slowed down on hills where previously needed to drop down to third gear, now even accelerates up hills, Setting cruise contol at 60mph it now just sits there with no problems, The transformation is amazing."
2nd of November 2016, Chris from Carlisle wrote,
"Very happy with my remap, so much more torque and economy has increased aswel! I'd recommend Paul to anybody looking for better performance from their vehicle. Great guy, great service, great results!"
1st of November 2016, David from Little Corby wrote,
"Outstanding, made my car so different to drive, more power, torque and it is silky smooth on the throttle. Oh, and it goes like a greased weasel.....lots and lots of fun!!"
30th of October 2016, Danny from Carlisle wrote,
"Highly recommend getting a remap from Mr G's loads better fuel consumption and power"
13th of October 2016, Stephen from Carlisle wrote,
"Awsome guy great prices would recommend him to any one would highly use again"
7th of October 2016, ismail from Carlisle wrote,
"Very good service car feels fresher & smoother to drive instantly notice difference in power"
3rd of October 2016, Derek from Carlisle wrote,
"Quick efficient service...worth every penny, an to boot getting an extra 5mpg so over time the stage 1 remap will be repaid. Don't hesitate call Paul today!!"
26th of September 2016, Nigel From Cumwhinton wrote,
"It wasn't Paul's fault that my KIA was problematic to remap (due to its internal software) but he persevered and the end result is excellent. From a sluggish thirsty car I didn't enjoy driving to a much smoother, more driveable and significantly more economical car. Worth every penny, all my diesels will be going here from now on!"
10th of September 2016, Ben from Penrith wrote,
"Since having my Fiat van remapped at Mr G's recently, I have to say a huge thank you to Paul for a superb job well done.
It's transformed what used to be very ordinary motor into an easy to drive machine, now have loads of extra power and torque just as promised with the added bonus of less fuel usage. I'd highly recommend this man's services to anyone, cheers Buddy".
10th of August 2016 Kevin from Carlisle wrote,
"Got my seat leon 2.0 tdi 140 mapped and the improvements are great would highly recommend"
9th of August 2016 Adam from Essex wrote,
"I never believed the hype until a friend of mine had his car remaped at Mr G's, so finnaly gave it a try. All I can say is I wish I had of done it sooner! I have totally fallen in love with my car again and trips to the petrol pumps have been been less frequent for my Range Rover. They were so helpful and professional and I couldn't rate them high enough!".
7th of August 2016 Craig from Dumfries wrote,
"First class from start to finish. Paul is friendly and talks you though the process of what he's doing. Deffo be taken my cars back to him".
5th of August 2016 Keir from Dalbeattie wrote,
"Had my Alfa Romeo Giulietta JTDM 170 remapped by Paul and Im honestly over the moon with it. The difference is phenomenal. I was originally in the market to spend quadrouple the money on a full dyno remap. Absolutely over the moon that I didnt. A car which I used for getting from A to B has now became something I find an excuse to go a drive in! I have recomended Paul to a good few people already, and will be to more. Ill be back again myself at some point with my 330Ci and my brother will be in touch aswel".
22nd of July 2016 Jason from Carlisle wrote,
"Had my Nissan Pathfinder done a few weeks ago and I'm highly pleased with the end result. Not only did I gain more hp and torque it also improved my throttle response aswell as turbo lag. Great service and great customer service with aftercare if needed. Thank you"
17th of July 2016 Tommy from Silloth wrote,
"Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD Motorhome: Paul is a knowledgeable and friendly guy who is easy to get on with. The job took less than a couple of hours, including a test drive to make sure everything was okay. No problems at all have become evident and it is definitely more powerful than it was. I don't know about the economy, as I never checked it previously, but it was well worth the remap for the improved drive-ability of the motorhome. Thanks very much, Paul, I'll be in touch soon to book my car in."
13th of July 2016 Mike from Hexham wrote,
"Paul is very professional and friendly. Remarkable improvement in performance on my SEAT 1.9 TDI since the remapping. Highly recommended and would definitely use his services again, first class."
10th of July 2016 Andrea from Carlisle wrote,
"Fantastic service very helpful and very fast my daughter is so happy thankyou once again"
3rd of July 2016 Jac from Glasgow wrote,
"Got my Audi A3 remapped by Mr Gs and what a difference it has made, more power and better fuel economy! The car now cruises without any effort at all. Professional and brilliant customer service also available to come to your home or work! Highly recommended.
Cheers again"
1st of july 2016 Yusaf From London wrote,
"Excellent map on my caddy van. Great mpg gains and wicked throttle response now too! Great guys and very knowledgeable. Would definitely reccomend to anyone thinking of getting their car/van mapped"
17th of June 2016 Ryan from Carlisle wrote,
"Highly recommended, after weeks of my car running rough and feeling under powered.
I had the egr valve deleted and a stage 1 remap on my Tucson.
It is now running great, idles correctly and now has plenty of power through all the gears"
24th of April 2016 Richard from Dalbeattie wrote.
"Just had motorhome remapped great service massive improvement all round first class genuine guy .recommend 100%"
21st of April 2016 Andrew from Carlisle wrote,
"Having looked around at all the options.went with Paul and so pleased I did. He told me what to expect none of the bull I was getting elsewhere .car done on time and iam very pleased with the results no more lag when iam setting off Defo recommend and by far the cheapest in the town"
31st of March 2016 Brian from Annan wrote,
"This lad is top dog when it comes to engine remapping.I wont let anyone near my car unless they are extreemly good at what they do,and beleive me he is. I would highly recommend him to remap your car,or van,with or without a turbo. My Skoda 1.9 tdi Lauren Klement has never sounded or run so well. Classy stuff."
18th of March 2016 Damien from Cambridge wrote,
"Well impressed with the power of my 525D now, it left with the power it should have had from the factory , well worth the money and even with the extra power I'm getting more mpg happy boy"
26th of February 2016, Gavin from Carlisle wrote,
"Great service and a nice guy. Top quality from start to finish. The remap it self is quality. The diffrence is night and day. Will deffo be recommending to every one. Thanks again bud"
25th of January 2016, Mark from Carlisle wrote,
"Really friendly service, nothing to much trouble for paul! explains in depth about the procedure! really smooth acceleration through the rev range and power gain!! car has never ran so well..... highly recommend thanks paul"
21st if January 2016, Claire from Carlisle wrote,
"Just had my laptop upgraded and cleaned by Paul. Would highly recommend as laptop is now running like brand new, you'd never think it was 5 years old. Very reasonably priced too!"
16th of January 2016, Stephen from Arelecdon wrote,
"just had the megane 175 rs remapped today very pleased with the results more torque and response money well spent can't fault Mr G's good guy good crack talks you through ever thing also cup of coffee was ace would highly recomended thanks again"
12th of January 2016, Mark from Carlisle wrote, 
"I was waiting to write a real testimonial after a month of running the van, rather than Paul is a nice guy blah blah blah (no offence and he is!) My van was running a bit rough before I took it to Paul, white smoke and stinking due to me removing the cat, I didnt tell Paul though. Was apprehensive as wanted to really take the van to a rolling road tuner. Booked in within a day and Paul did his stuff, showed me and explained everything. As soon as I drove off I could tell the difference, van had much more power, although I was after economy, since the remap its gone from 43mpg average to 50mpg and the bad running has gone, no white smoke, very very happy. Thank you Paul!"
7th of January 2016, Andy from Haltwhistle wrote,
"Excellent service start to finish quality is first class"

2014 / 2015

22nd of December 2015 Charlie from Middlesbrough wrote,
"Can't complain about anything paul was great talked me through the whole and the car did exactly what he said it would
Thanks again"
19th of December 2015 Rab from Shap wrote,
"Top man. Top job And makes a Gud cuppa coffee thanks again Paul"
11th of November 2015 George from Carlisle wrote,
"Perfect service from start to finish he re mapped a vw crafter what had dpf failure and the van wouldn't go over 20 mph now it's runs perfect with plenty of power & better fuel economy would defiantly recommend to any one thanks a lot "
31st of October 2015 Stuart from Carlisle wrote,
"had my 2003 VW golf tdi pd100 re mapped this week and the results are amazing the car drives a lot smoother than before. and the power gain is incredible puts a smile on my face every time I press my accelerator pedal. I would highly recommend MR G, a warm, friendly service and at a very reasonable price "
14th of September 2015 Paul from Whithaven wrote,
"Really good service highly recommend to everyone that wants a remap"
7th of September 2015 Shaun from Penrith wrote,
"Really impressed with Mr G's ecu remapping it didn't take too long and the performance gains I recieved where staggering the torque the car gained was unbelievable! So I would deffinetly recommend to any 1! Especially with competitive prices of the maps you would be silly to go any where else for the same gains 10/10 thanks Paul"
5th of September 2015 David from Carlisle wrote,
"5 star Excellent, stage 2 remap car pulls like a train
New business but the guy knows his stuff
I'd recommend"
30th of August 2015 Paul from Thursby wrote,
"Fantastic customer service and really pleased with the result, would recommend to anyone 5 stars."
25th of August 2015 Brian from Carlisle wrote,
"Great service much improved performance on my Peugeot
Many thanks five star service"
9th of June 2015 James from Dumfries wrote,
"Thank you paul my car feels great, feels smoother, and definetley more responsive and powerful. Anyone reading this and thinking about it, then go for it and not to forget any questions of fears you have paul will answer them for you honestly and reliably. Thanks paul."
2nd of June 2015 Darren from Workington wrote,
"Full recommended to remap anyone's car, my car feels great and drives much smoother with the power when needed!"
31st of May 2015 Andy from Lockerbie wrote,
"Excellent service, Egr removed and stage 1 remap, Car feels so much better now, Thanks Paul."
30th of May 2015 Stuart from Egremont wrote,
"Friendly and helpful. Stage 1+ on my chariot, which took a little longer than I expected due to circumstances out of Paul's control. So I got a coffee and got to watch 'Come Dine With Me' - thanks for that. Had my Golf TDI mapped 3 times and yours has been the best all-rounder by far."
27th of May 2015 Brian from Silloth wrote,
"just want to take the time to say that from start to finish the whole process of having the car Remapped was an easy experience. Paul explained though out what the process involved and the end result is that I now have a car that is a lot stronger everywhere in the Rev range and is now a total pleasure to drive.. Cracking service delivered by a true gent! Recommended!"
22nd of May 2015 Michael from Girvan wrote,
"Got my BMW 320td remapped by Paul on Friday22nd Fantastic change to the Cars performance totally Professional job many thanks...Highly Recommended."
16th of May 2015 Ben from Carlisle wrote,
"Brilliant service good gains in performance for the cheapest price around. Definitely recommend."
5th of May 2015 Dan from Dearham wrote,
"Five star service & price, What more can you ask for."
21st of April 2015 Chris from Carlisle wrote,
"Fantastic service brilliant product cannot recommend this bloke enough! A+++ Cars economy has gone up and the extra power is exactly where I want it!!!"
14th of April 2015 Lee from Carlisle wrote,
"Brilliant off Paul! Highly recommended to anyone what's wanting a ecu re-map. Quick & easy."
20th of March 2015 Paul from Workington wrote,
"5 stars all the way Dpf sorted stage1 remap with excellent gains great customer service will recommend this guy he knows his stuff plus could not have met a nicer bloke cheers Paul or Mr G"
2nd of March 2015 Martin from Carlisle wrote,
"Would fully recommend thanks for the great service and price for my Dell latitude e6410 laptop. Unreal please go to this guy best in Carlisle thanks."
16th of February 2015 Jamie from Carlisle wrote,
"Excellent service did a top job on my mate's laptop. Def recommend!!"
16th of February 2015 Stephen from Carlisle wrote,
"Stage 1 remap, a very good price. Nice genuine fella who talks you through what's happening and what things are for and do, when He's doing it so you understand better. Fully recommended."
13th of February 2015 Jonny from Carlisle wrote,
"Great service happy with the result would recommend a remap to anyone."
5th of February 2015 Melanie from Carlisle wrote,
"Amazing service from this guy! I took two laptops to be fixed & the jobs were completed quickly & efficiently (ahead of given timescale) & the prices are very reasonable. When collecting the laptops Paul spent time showing me exactly what he had done & I actually learnt a thing or two! Will be using this service if I have any issues in the future."
1st of February 2015 Simon from Shap wrote,
"Brill service car was book in at last minute and only took an hour an half very pleased will the results pulls better in all gears right through the rev range 100% better than before A+++++++++++++++++"

31st of December 2014 Luke from Silloth wrote,
"Great service and top job on the car, can't argue with the price , recommend to anyone wanting their car done just ask Mr G."
23rd of December 2014 Emma from Carlisle wrote,
"Highly recommend!!! Sorted my son's laptop for me as it was in a right mess and added extra memory too. Brilliant prices, way cheaper than other quotes id had!!!"
3rd of December 2014 Jennifer from Carlisle wrote,
"Fantastic result for my lap top it's been very slow doing strange things pages not loading buttons not working properly etc etc and now it's efficient and fast. It's like having a new one. Highly recommended. THANK YOU."
27th of November 2014 Julie from Carlisle wrote,
"Fantastic Service, will definitely use his sevices again, very good price, A great person to deal with, thank you."
2nd of November 2014 Barry from Carlisle wrote,
"5 star really good service. Thankyou very much. Very good price"
2nd of November 2014 Nicola from Carlisle wrote,
"Took my laptop with a broken screen and running really slow, Very good service, very reasonable prices.........Highly recommended and will sure take it back again when needed......."
31st of October 2014 Kerry from Carlisle wrote,
"Would recommend this guy, brilliant service. Thought my laptop was a gonna but he's manged to restore, now works like a new computer :) Thank you."
17th of October 2014 Amanda from Carlisle wrote,
"Fantastic service and very speedy. When I was about to throw laptop out the window, Paul saved the day and at a fantastic price. Thank you."
8th of October 2014 Gareth from Cleator Moor wrote,
"Thanks Mr G really happy with remap excellent service went above and beyond :-)"
6th of October 2014 Micky from Carlisle wrote,
"Best service I've had in ages, picked up one night & back the next and a fraction of the cost of others that I've tried, fully recommend Paul for all your PC issues, brilliant."
5th of October 2014 Carmen from Carlisle wrote,
"Thank you Paul for a very reliable service. I have one very happy boy on my hands. Excellent pricing. I will be using Mr G's Computer Repairs again and would not hesitate to recommend further."
4th of October 2014 Jaime from Carlisle wrote,
"Would recommend to anyone and everyone as my Laptop has never been faster and He also sorted out the Blackout problem I was having, Very quick and reliable service :-)."
3rd of October 2014 Laura from Carlisle wrote,
"Fab service at a fantastic price. Very quick to speed my laptop up and install a new internet browser for me! Paul explained everything to me and i couldn't be happier with the results. My laptop now runs faster than it did when i first got it! :)"
2nd of October 2014 Carole from Carlisle wrote,
"Paul came to me and collected my laptop a few weeks ago. He sorted my screen out and brought it back the next day. His fees were very good. Came out 3 wks later to check for viruses and tweeked it. A lot faster than it was before. I would definitely recommend him for any PC repairs in the future."
1st of October 2014 Tracy from Carlisle wrote,
"Great service sorted my 2 laptops and explained what was wrong with them and great price and quick service will be back again if I have any more problems."
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