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Having problems with your turbo / dpf or cat ? Mr G's Computer Repairs and Ecu Remapping is an official distributor for Archoil Ar6400-D MAX & Ar6400-P MAX which is the the most effective diesel / petrol / turbo dpf / cat cleaner available today.

Archoil AR6400-D MAX Pro diesel carbon cleaner, for turbo and DPF filter's

A rapid improvement in engine technology has resulted in an imbalance between engine design and fuel quality. This combined with non-optimal driving conditions can result in an accumulation of deposits in the fuel system, combustion area, turbo, diesel particulate filter (DPF) and catalytic converter (CAT). These deposits effect performance, fuel economy, exhaust emissions and engine refinement.

They can also cause engine warning lights or restrictive limp-home conditions. To address these issues, Archoil has released its latest high-strength diesel cleaner, AR6400-D MAX. AR6400-D MAX is a powerful next-generation all-in-one fuel system, engine, turbo, DPF and CAT cleaner. It is the culmination of years of research and the decision to combine the original AR6400-D Engine Cleaner, AR6500 DPF Cleaner and AR6600 Turbo Cleaner technologies providing the greatest value and product performance into a single treatment.

Fuel system cleaner

AR6400-D MAX quickly restores engine performance and fuel economy lost through deposit build up in key parts of the fuel system, engine and emission control systems. Molecule by molecule the deposits are safely removed. AR6400-D Max helps restore variable geometry turbo operation and diesel particulate filter regeneration. AR6400-D MAX will remove all forms of deposits from fuel injectors including carbons, varnish and stubborn lacquers.

Engine clean-up

AR6400-D MAX will effectively clean older as well as modern Euro 5/6 specification fuel systems. It is suitable for all diesel engines running on pump, bunkered or bio-diesel blended fuel.


AR6400-D MAX delivers a modern lubricant helping to protect high pressure injection systems and fuel pumps during the cleaning process.

Cetane booster and combustion catalyst

AR6400-D MAX contains a proven cetane booster to improve combustion efficiency and engine performance, whilst reducing engine noise. A combustion catalyst technology then facilitates a cleaner burn, improving combustion quality further.

  Archoil AR6400-P MAX pro petrol carbon cleaner, for turbo and catalyst's 

AR6400-P MAX is the most powerful cleaner in its class. It supersedes the original and proven AR6400 and continues to utilise the latest-generation detergent technologies blended from high-strength polyetheramine and PIBSI compounds. AR6400-P MAX rapidly and safely removes gum, varnish and carbon deposits from the fuel system and engine. The active PEA combined with an effective combustion improvement catalyst also helps remove post combustion hydrocarbon build-up whilst quickly reducing harmful exhaust emissions.

AR6400-P MAX quickly restores lost engine performance and fuel economy in addition to unique properties that help lubricate and protect surfaces from further deposit build-up. Molecule by molecule deposits are safely removed from intake valves, combustion chamber, piston tops, catalytic converter and O2 (lambda) sensors. AR6400-P MAX improves combustion efficiency and reduces the propensity for pre-ignition/pinking.

AR6400-P MAX is suitable for all 4-cycle gasoline engines, including ethanol blended fuels and biofuels. Not suitable for 2-cycle engines.


    Cleans Harmful Deposits
    Restores Fuel Injector Efficiency
    Restores Fuel Economy
    Restores Power and Performance
    Smooths Rough Idling
    Lowers Harmful Exhaust Emissions
    Reduces Octane Requirement

The next generation of chemistries combined the fluidizer with the polymeric amine. These are called polyetheramines or PEA. Polyetheramines do not require the addition of a fluidizer and the oxygen content provides enhanced surface activity. PIB amines are still widely used in gasoline and perform well. However, PEA’s offer improved combustion chamber cleaning efficiency but is considerably more expensive.

There is an abundance of supply of PIB amines unlike with PEA; hence the treatment cost is significantly higher. Therefore, PEA’s are not widely found in low cost cleaners or are found in reduced quantities. AR6400-P MAX contains the highest safe amount of PEA and accompanying chemistry to effectively and safely remove deposits
Archoil Ar6400-D Max Pro Diesel Cleaner in Carlisle Cumbria

Benefits of carbon cleaning

  • Rapidly cleans fuel system and combustion area
  • Removes deposits from turbo, DPF and CAT
  • Raises cetane index number
  • Lubricates and protects the fuel system
  • Smoothens rough idling
  • Restores lost performance and economy
  • Lowers harmful exhaust emissions
Archoil DIESEL Cleaner 400ml

Official distributor in Carlisle

The Archoil Ar6400-D MAX and P MAX carbon cleaner's offers instant improvement in performance and also facilitates the cleaning function by recirculating hydrocarbons as little as possible. If you are thinking of making your vehicle engine more efficient and smooth, 
We have become one of the most reputable suppliers of Archoil carbon cleaner in the Carlisle area. Contact our team for details.
Archoil PETROL Cleaner 400ml
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